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Post the COVID-19 era, businesses of all kinds and types are looking for easy remote work monitoring solutions. Not only the enterprises and the multi-millionaire businesses organizations, but even the newest of them all are turning towards powerful virtual desktop solutions.

Some of the top global virtual desktop providers, such as, are allowing business organizations of all types and kinds to simplify all of their remote working hassles in a simple and quick manner. Remote working, which was initially considered a thing of the future and only for the big organizations, is now made possible for all by VDI providers, such as

Business organizations, integrating desktop as a service and virtual desktop infrastructure, are leveraging a ton of different benefits, such as quick and global access to remote desktops, reduced capital expenditure, simplified remote IT environment management, advanced data security, and so on.

The best part with is that you not only get a simple virtual desktop solution but the power to customize your virtual desktop solution as per your business demands. It’s scalable, simple to use, and saves you a ton of money for sure. offers a number of different work from home features, such as:

● Online Payment Gateways
● Support Multiple Currencies
● Service Board and Widgets for overview of Tickets
● Define Multiple Teams
● Hierarchical Structure
● Track Leads and Deals
● Bulk Emails
● Track Overtime
● Track Employee Attendance by Location
● Direct/Group Chat
● Setup Meetings
● Set Interval for Screenshots
● Track Activity Percentage

Learn more about the power of virtual desktops for remote working here.

About is committed to helping organizations unlock innovation, engage customers, and boost productivity by providing fast and secure application delivery, desktop virtualization, and cloud-hosted virtual desktop solutions. With users get a seamless work experience, and it has a unified platform to secure, manage, and monitor diverse technologies in complex cloud environments. The team behind operate on a strong belief that application delivery and cloud computing solutions should be flexible, dynamic, and above all, simple to use. With a global customer base, is recognized as one of the leading players in application delivery, virtualization, and cloud technology markets.

Work from home is more than just working over the email and daily status report. You have to stay ahead of your competitors by improving your remote working environment. is a one-stop solution for all kinds and types of virtual desktop and remote working needs. If you are looking for a simple, scalable, yet powerful virtual desktop solution, is the one you should go for right now.

Try powerful virtual desktop solution today. Contact at 650-461-9170
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