Which Upgrades add the Most Value to a Home for Sale in Utah?

Home Builders in St. George Utah focuses on providing homebuyers a home of their dreams. If you are looking to sell a pre-occupied property,
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Home Builders in St. George Utah focuses on providing homebuyers a home of their dreams. If you are looking to sell a pre-occupied property, you are probably interested in making some upgrades to add value to your investment. 

While upgrading St. George homes will boost the value of your home, it remains such a noble idea when it comes to ensuring the home will sell faster. 

However, not all upgrades add the most value to a home for sale in Utah. 

We looked at different trends and analyzed homebuyer’s requirements to come up with suggested upgrades that will add the most value to a home for sale in Utah. 

Thus, if you are looking for the best ideas when it comes to upgrading St. George homes, you have come to the right place. 

Keep reading to discover some of the best home upgrades ideas to fetch the best price on homes in St. George Utah. 


Did you know that landscaping could add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of homes in St. George Utah? Reports show that landscaping is one of the improvements that will increase property value immediately. 

Remember that the first impression matters a lot. Therefore, when a buyer walks into your compound only to find a poorly maintained lawn, he or she may not even mind walking into the house to check the rooms. 

However, walking into a nicely landscaped compound will attract the buyer as they walk into the property to check the interior. 

There is more to landscaping than just planting flowers and trimming the shrubs in the ground. To ensure proper landscaping, hire a qualified expert. Ensure a coherent landscaping plan before you start. This guarantees outstanding results, which is obviously important to the value of your property. 

2. Exterior upgrades 

To ensure a great curb appeal, make some exterior improvements. Here are some suggestions on what to work on, in order to improve the curb appeal. 

Work on the front door

The front door improvement is an important aspect. Consider that the front door is the focal point of a home’s visual appeal. Therefore, the property buyer is in a position to tell the quality of a property judging by the appearance of the front door. Therefore, dress up the front door and get rid of any rusty stuff on the sides of the front door.  

Invest in Outstanding Outdoor Lighting 

Homebuilders in St. George Utah consider outdoor lighting an investment that will increase property value. Consider that outdoor lighting is one of the security features that buyers look for in a property. 

Clean the exterior Walls 

Polishing the exterior walls is another approach when it comes to improving the property curb appeal. Therefore, get rid of the dirt that accumulates on the walls and leaves falling on the roof of your house. renew the painting and trim the side flowers to create that curb appeal. 

3. The Interior Upgrades 

Upon working on the exterior improvements, it is now time to rework the interior. Here are some of the interior upgrades to consider, achieving a better property value and ensuring the property sells faster. 

A little repaint goes a Long Way

When it comes to improving St. George homes for resale, a little repaint works wonders. Look at the attractive colors and use high-quality paint. A qualified house painter will advise you on the right color choice. Always ensure fresh paint, in modern colors. 

Consider energy-efficient windows 

Nowadays, homebuilders in St. George Utah are focusing on ensuring energy-efficient windows. The old drafty single-pane windows are no longer in fashion. Moreover, potential clients are looking for homes in St. George Utah with energy-efficient features and the window is one of the key areas to check. 

Modern Room Designs

Another important improvement is redesigning the rooms. This could be adding more square footage to your home or even reinventing the existing space in your to create additional storage areas. 

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling 

If you are selling previously occupied homes in St. George Utah, updating the kitchen and the bathroom will provide a great return on investment. For the kitchen, start by replacing any outdated appliances with the latest models. Reface or replace any outdated cabinets and revive the plumbing fixtures. 

5. Improve the Floor and the roof 

Another update to consider before selling your St. George home is the floor and the roofing. Whereas these are considered part of the interior and exterior of the property, it is important ensuring you do some improvements. Improvements on the floor and the roof will pay off. The two are important when it comes to improving the curb appeal. 


Are you a homebuilder in St. George Utah? The improvements mentioned above will help you fetch better prices on your property. Talk to an experienced real estate agent for property listing. 

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