What is Pay Per Click? How Does it Work?

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Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a type of advertising offered by various online platforms like Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, Yahoo Search Marketing and others. If you’re not appearing extremely well in the search result, but still want a noticeable presence, PPC might be a good fit for you. With PPC, advertisers pay a predetermined fee to search engines to show their advertisements. The more traffic that is generated through your PPC ads, the more advertisers will want to place their ads on your website. So how much does pay per click cost?

When you sign up for a PPC service like Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing, you’ll be provided with bid prices. These bid prices are what advertisers will pay you each time a visitor clicks on one of your keywords. The more traffic you receive the higher your bid price will be. However, there are several factors that go into determining how much a pay per click service will charge you, including how many visitors you receive. For example, if you only get one visitor per day, your pay per click service will only charge you $.08. However, if you receive eighteen visitors per day, your PPC service will cost advertisers $.15 per click.

Now that you understand how PPC works, you’re probably wondering how you can work with a pay-per-click company to increase your pay-per-click results. A good PPC company will work with you to ensure that your ad shows up for the specific keyword or phrase that you’re targeting. Also, a PPC company will work with you to make sure that your ad is placed in the proper places in search results and in the top positions of search results.