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What Are The Major Skin Problems?

Skin problems are of several types, depending upon genetic, environment, and condition of pregnancy or common hormonal factors. But patients suffering from chronic skin problems must appoint the best skin specialist in delhi without wasting any time. Skin problems spread faster than any other medical condition. Within a fortnight, a small issue can lead up to deadly issues that need medical emergency. 

Doctors who have special knowledge of the skin can readily recognize the cause and root of the issue, and therefore can guide you to easy remedies. Otherwise, for a minor issue, significant steps are needed. Always connect with the professional before applying any ointments or topical creams on them, as it reacts negatively. 

Some Major Skin Problems and Solutions


Shingles or Herpes Zoster is acute skin problems that need instant assistance from the best skin specialist in delhi.  It mostly occurs on the torso or any part of the body. This skin issue looks like a red, blistering rash that can lead to headache, fatigue or fever.

Injections like Zoztavax or Zoster vaccine live are available to forbid shingles. These injections must only be given to patients who are more than 50 years old as the vaccine is strong enough to react oppositely for younger patients. 

The virus that causes Herpes Zoster is similar to the virus of chickenpox. Therefore do not waste time in realizing the issue; otherwise, it can cause deadly problems. 

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is also a major skin problem that requires the best skin specialist in delhi as they have the perfect equipment and practical solutions. It can cause plants. Poison ivy, oak, and sumac are the main reason for this issue. In this medical condition, the skin reacts to things when it comes in contact and turns red spots. Antihistamines or topical steroids are the best solutions to get rid of contact dermatitis. 

If you are suffering from any skin issue, may it be minor or major, contact the best skin specialist in delhiYou will get back radiant and glowing skin after having some sessions with them. Therefore waste no time, and connect with them at the foremost.

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