What Are The Different Type Of Medical Equipment Available Today

The use of medical equipment in clinics and hospitals is of utmost importance. This equipment lets medical professionals evaluate the medical condition of a patient.
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The use of medical equipment in clinics and hospitals is of utmost importance. This equipment lets  medical professionals evaluate the medical condition of a patient. It’s  therefore critical to comprehend what different sorts of medical  equipment are available there.  

Diagnostic equipment:

Diagnostic equipment is any sort of tool  or equipment employed in a hospital environment for the exclusive  purpose of diagnosing the condition of a patient. Based on the symptoms  explained by the patients, a diagnostic test is done employing the right equipment to assess the patient internally. Some examples of diagnostic equipment include:


Medical imaging machine – Medical imaging is a sort of technology that’s employed to make visual  presentations of the human body’s interior. The visual picture created  by the equipment is employed for clinical assessment & medical  intervention. There are several types of medical imaging equipment, such as computed tomography (CT scan), radiography (X-ray machine),  ultrasound, MRIs scan, and echocardiography among others.

● Besides medical imaging machines, there  are other types of medical equipment employed for diagnosing patients,  including stethoscope, dopplers and pulse oximetry.


Durable Medical Equipment:

This kind of medical equipment is employed predominantly for offering  therapeutic benefits for certain illnesses or conditions. There are many types of durable medical equipment including:

● Manual wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs

● Hospital beds

● Walkers, crutches, canes

● Traction equipment

● Pressure mattresses

● Insulin pumps

● Breast pumps

● Nebulizers

● Patient Lifts

● Bili lights and blankets

● Kidney machines

● Stationary or portable oxygen tanks

● Oxygen Concentrators Ventilators

The term ‘durable’ is originated from the  fact that these types of equipment have been verified for quality. They  are made to offer support for the safety & comfort of the  patient. Some of the widespread features of durable medical equipment  include non-slip features & load-bearing strength.

Medical laboratory equipment:

The use of medical laboratory equipment is usually seen in diagnostic laboratories or medical clinics. These sorts of equipment are designed for the analysis of urine, blood, genes, and  other biological material. Some of the common instances of medical  laboratory equipment include:

● Blood gas analyzers

● Chemistry analyzers

● Blood collection supplies

● Electrolyte analyzers

● Differential counters

● Drug testing analyzers

● Coagulation analyzers

● Hematology analyzers

● Urinalysis analyzers

● Microbiological systems

As medical technology persists to develop, you can anticipate that there will be more kinds of medical equipment  emerging. This is definitely good news for patients and medical  facilities that are using the latest in medical technology. Find durable medical equipment and Home Medical Equipment suppliers here at HME  Locations. Find a full catalog of wholesale home medical equipment  & supplies from HME providers.