What Are The Different Major Health Problems In India?

The entire population of India is well immune, but there are some major health problems that very troublesome.
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The entire population of India is well immune, but there are some major health problems that very troublesome. There are also some bad habits that the people of India suffer from. Health problems not only lie in the body, but mental issues such as depression are also considered major medical issues. If you are looking for the utmost remedies, connect with the best skin clinic in delhi to appoint doctors. 

Some Major Health Problems

Here are some common issues that Indians mainly suffer from, and in need of immediate solutions without fail. 

Overweight or Obesity

Suffering from obesity or overweight can cause hypertension that can lead to death—being overweight increases the chance of heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and many more. Patients suffering from overweight are vulnerable to cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer or even colon cancer. Therefore the best skin doctor in delhiis available at all times to offer their best medical services to patients. 


Another deadly health problem rises from the worst habit of tobacco. One of the upfront reason for oral, lungs cancer is tobacco. But knowing the fact about it, people of India inhale this poison with pride. Different states show that the reason for premature death is due to the consumption of tobacco in several manners. Some consume it through cigarettes, gutka or even raw tobacco in beetle leaves. 

These patients need mental strength to avoid its consumption, as they find it very unsatisfying to withdraw themselves from it. 

Mental Health

There are parts of India where mental health problems are considered taboo. They think that the individual is either mad or trying to get attention from the surrounding. But the best skin specialist in delhi confirms that it may be the reason for several types of mental health that causes a person to act differently from others. In the USA, some certified doctors take care of these patients by counseling. 

Are you suffering from any health problems? If yes, connect with the best skin clinic in delhi and get the best solution.

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