What are the Benefits of Cooking With a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooking is a technique that has been around for a long time, although many people have not endorsed this technique, the modern pressure cookers ...
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Pressure cooking is a technique that has been around for a long time, although many people have not endorsed this technique, the modern pressure cookers are efficient and safe to use. Contrary to the earlier days when pressure cookers were considered dangerous, today they have advanced and are safe to use.

Pressure cooking is a technique that offers numerous benefits ranging from health benefits, budget benefits, and many more benefits. In general, pressure cooking technique is here to simply your cooking, reduce the time you spend on cooking and at the same time give you amazing end results, a delicious healthy meal.

Modern day pressure cookers are a huge improvement compared to the noisy and steam spitting cookers that were there before, with these advancements a lot of benefits are now evident, the following are the some of the reasons why pressure cooking is good for health.


1. Food retains most of the nutrients.

A meal prepared using the pressure cooking technique will be more nutritious which is a big heath benefit. The time taken by the pressure cookers is relatively short compared to the other methods ( pressure cookers reduce the cooking time by as much as 70%), this makes it possible for most of the nutrients to be retained. When a meal is cooked for a long time most of the nutrients are denatured and what is left is food with low content nutrients.

The other way that pressure cooking helps preserve most of the nutrients is by using less water. This technique of cooking uses far much less water compared to other methods, this ensures that water does not leach away minerals and vitamins.

If you are looking for a healthier meal, a meal with more nutrients, one of the options you might consider is pressure cooking.


2. Pressure cooking makes legumes and grains more digestible through reduction of lectins and phytic acid.

Phytic acid binds minerals and other nutrients in the digestive tract, this hinders the body from absorbing them. By reducing phytic acid in the legumes and grains there is an increase of nutrient availability and this makes them more digestible. When we eat food, the most important step that comes after is digestion, if it is not efficient, the meal is rendered useless. Pressure cooking is the best option when it comes to cooking your soaked beans and grains as it will help reduce lectins. Pressure cooking will enhance digestion through the action of reducing phytic acid and lectins and the meal becomes much healthier to our bodies.


3. No formation of carcinogenic compounds.

Pressure cooking will help reduce health-harming compounds like acrylamide. High-temperature cooking of foods such as potatoes cause the formation carcinogenic compounds like acrylamides but in pressure cooking, they do not form. This impact is of a big advantage to our health as some risk are reduced.


Other benefits of pressure cooking are

Energy saving.

Pressure cooking helps save energy, preserve cooker is more efficient that using several pots on separate burners. When you get into the habit of using pressure cookers, you will realize significant energy saving. In today’s economy, everyone wants to hear where they can achieve cost saving and using pressure cooker will help you achieve this.


Time saving while preparing a meal.

Pressure cookers reduce the time spent to cook a meal by about 70%, needless to say, this is a huge plus to the one cooking and also for the ones waiting for the meal to get ready. With a pressure cooker, you don’t have to wait for hours for the meal to get ready.


Pressure cooking results in a tasty food.

The steam in a pressure cooker is the main reason for the tasty meal. The steam that has the original flavor of food does not run out through the lid, this will make the food prepared through pressure cooking taste better.

Suitable for dishwashers.

You can put the stainless steel pressure cooker into a dishwasher.

Pressure cooking’s cons.

  • Food may get too soft. With pressure cooking the food may bee too soft, this could uncomfortable to those taking the meal.
  • Some knowledge will be required to cook efficiently and avoid accidents.
  • To check the cooking progress of the food the cooking process is interrupted.