Uses of Various Types of Power Transformers

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Basically, the power transformers are the static machine used for transforming power from one circuit to another. This technology is used between the generator and distribution circuits and there is a transition between voltage points.

 Moreover, this system consists of large number of generation places, power distribution points and interconnection within the neighboring systems. Usually, power transformer helps in minimizing the loss due to high voltages with the help of its resistance.  

 Along with it, a power transformer ensures that electricity should be utilized as per the requirement. These days there are many types of power transformers available in the market and each type is used for a different purpose. Let’s have a look at the list of most widely used transformers and how they are useful.


 This is one of the Smaller, lighter and cheaper power transformer than a standard dual-winding transformer. Hence, this transformer does not provide electrical isolation.

Meanwhile, Autotransformer supply current across a portion of the winding, and a low/high voltage is produced across an additional portion of winding. Also, these transformers have a part of their winding in both input and output circuits.

Apart from it, the power rating of an autotransformer is less than the actual load and the three-phase version of this transformer is used in electric distribution systems.  

Polyphase transformers:

The three-phase version of this transformer is required to step up or down voltages. Hence, a single-phase transformer can be joined together to transform power. Meanwhile, there are special three-phase transformers manufactured for the job that requires lesser material and are smaller in size and weight.

Along with it, Polyphase transformers are made with three sets of primary and secondary windings.  In this technology, three primary & secondary windings are connected together for grounding and suppression of harmonic currents. 

Leakage transformers:

These transformers have a significantly higher leakage inductance than other transformers. Leakage transformers can be adjusted with a set screw. However, these transformers have a current limitation due to the loose coupling between the windings.

The best part of this technology is that it can act as both voltage transformers and magnetic ballast. It is widely used for ARC welding, high voltage discharge lamps, doorbells etc.

Resonant transformers:

 This transformer has one winding with a capacitor that acts as a tank circuit driven by pulse or square wave. Moreover, it can function as high Q-factor bandpass filters and supply required power.

 The resonant transformers are widely used in radio circuits and switching power supplies process in many organizations. The best part of this transformer is that it can generate very high voltages, and is able to provide much higher current than high voltage electrostatic machines.

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