Urban Turf Solutions Limited

artificial grass roof installation
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Urban Turf are a New Zealand owned and operated company dedicated to manufacture and supply of quality artificial grass turf. We continue customer service after project completion.
Our manufacturing staff have generations of experience in the production of artificial grass, both in New Zealand and Australia. We have an extensive and growing list of qualified approved installers and dealers around New Zealand.

Urban Turf is New Zealand owned and operated, manufacturing over 40 different varieties, for all tastes and budgets.
The most lifelike artificial grass available in New Zealand.
Grass is UV stabilised to minimise fading in New Zealand conditions, some competitors products in the New Zealand market do not.
Manufactured from the highest quality yarn in the world. Our main supplier of yarn is BONAR YARNS.
Protected by a 7 year warranty.
Low maintenance which means no watering and no fertilisers.
Is pet and child friendly and reduces allergy triggers.
Looks great all year round, not wet and muddy in winter and not dead and parched in summer.

More Info:
Website:  https://urbanturfsolutions.co.nz/
Call us: 0508872268

We have a range of additional products available for purchase, please shop the below products and enquire about the quantities available.