Top Best Mass media institutes in Delhi

Iaan School of Mass Communication is the top best media college Delhi India Iaan provide Best placement Record in Media Field
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Students of Mass Communication have a lot of options to chose in their career. They can make their career in any beat in which they are interested. Be it Fashion Journalism, Sports Journalism, Political Journalism or anything else, every option is open for a media student if he/she is studying Mass Communication from one of the best mediainstitutes of India. Today, we will be studying about InvestigativeJournalism. In this blog, we will discuss career opportunities in Investigative Journalism, What is Investigative Journalism and Aspects of Investigative Journalism. And in the end, you will also get to know about Premier mediainstitutes of Delhi or India


Investigative Journalism can be defined as the journalism in which journalists does not rely on the facts which are on the table. They dig the other side of the coin and represent it to their readers or viewers. An Investigative Journalism must be confident and fearless in nature. Their job is a bit risky and they put their life at risk while digging for the facts.
Panama Papers, Offshore Leaks, Paradise Papers, etc., are just some examples of the result ofInvestigative Journalism. We all know how important these papers were for the country. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is one of the best independent organization for investigative journalism. It includes an international network of more than 200 investigative journalists and 100 media organizations in over 70 countries. Indian Express represents India in ICIJ