Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC

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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is an online tree farm and plant nursery offering specimen quality trees delivered to your home, office, or business. We ship to all states except New York, and to both homeowners and wholesalers.
 We specialize in wetland shrubs, trees, woody perennials, native ferns, live mosses, and native plants.
 For our wholesale partners, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery offers more availability in large quantities than any nursery. We offer low grower wholesale prices on large volume wholesale orders. We can supply thousands of each species sold.
 For our homeowners, we offer low grower prices and a wide selection of plants. We added homeowners to our business model in 2009, due to overwhelming demand.

Address: 12845 State Route 108, Altamont,NC, 37301, United States

Phone: 931.692.4252

Website: www.gardenplantsnursery.com/