Technological Innovation – A Blessing Or A Problem To Our Wellness?

Below A  hundred years ago a hard working man would spend his day sweating behind a horse  and plow. If he took it to the village however cycle along with the evenings  however do home repairs. His wife will be doing every one of the housework  without appliances and cooking yourself with out a microwave.
The best of  life of these grandchildren and great grandchildren is indeed unique. The  current day worker usually sits facing a pc for most during the day, drives a  vehicle all over the place, spends the night for the couch while watching  television and eats highly processed food loaded with sugar, fat and harmful  chemicals.
With technology advancing at lightening speed, it becomes an  exciting time for it to be alive in human evolution. Unfortunately there's a bad  side towards the ease of our own modern conveniences. It has also contributed to  sedentary and inactive life-styles becoming typical in large segments of the  population.
We've become fat, lazy, sick, doctor and drug dependent as  epidemic health threats called chronic 'lifestyle disease' have paralleled the  march of technology. And also the worst from it is modern tools in addition has  produced a unprecedented number of sedentary children. The source… an  excessive amount of food… and inadequate exercise.

The predictions are frightening; here are several ones: Children  born that year 2000 and beyond will be the first children in recorded history to  NOT outlive their parents. One out of three of such unfortunate children will  establish Diabetes type 2 symptoms before they turn 18. Over 50% of which will  likely be obese… over 75% ones overweight causing them creating a predicted  shortened lifespan of 20 -30 years.The human being suffering and financial  price of these predictions will be unimaginable as 400 million people are  predicted to die from illness that is premature and preventable within the next  10 years. Although everyone understand that proper intentional exercise that  works well the muscular system is vital to health only six from ten adults do  it. It really is as though no-one really cares whether or not they live or die.
Not exercising is as dangerous to ones health as smoking nevertheless not so  long ago smoking has not been considered a health threat. It will be the  identical with exercise, 1 day soon not doing enough muscle mass building and  maintaining activity in your sedentary world is going to be thought to be  dangerous to ones health as smoking two packs of cigarettes each day.
So why  delay until then. It's extremely simple to get started on an appropriate  exercise regime create with a fitness professional so that you make the most  'bang for the buck'. How hard can it be to ditch some of the processed food and  commence replacing them natural fresh industry that man hasn't tampered with and  dumped harmful chemicals in?
Start taking some responsibility and protect  yourself and your children from being certainly one of 400 million folks that  can become statistics. Reclaim what rightfully is owned by every one of us – a  fitness span that will fit our increased expected life.
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