Supply chain solutions to conquering rapid demand spikes

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For most companies, the growth in e-commerce business volume overtook their operational capacity in 2020, thanks to the pandemic. The companies that have sustained the change are perhaps still working at peak season level. Here is some good news for such organizations: some rapidly implementable solutions can bring immediate relief to your company. If your organization is looking for ways to improve fulfillment delivery efforts, consider our Diagnostic steps list.

  • Quickly assess your current state take a step back, and look at your fulfillment process. Determine the procedures and methods that work for you and the ones that could be improved. A simple assessment can be performed by a neutral and objective third-party supply chain solutions company.
  • Identify the various activities or methods that are the most time-consuming bottlenecks in your company. Look out for efficiency opportunities like defects, overproduction, unused talent, motion transportation, over-processing, and waiting in your Inventory Management Systems.
  • Switch your approach to time-consuming and wasteful tasks differently. Consider if you should change the flow of material or introduce any new material handling equipment. Remember that you are trying to eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks and use your observation to accelerate the evaluation process system.
  • Start putting your ideas to work based on the opportunities you have identified during your study. Before you determine your next plan of action coming setup stimulations and run several scenarios to assess the impact of the changes you propose.
  • Perform a pilot stimulation test for several days, starting with one associate. Include more members on your team to incorporate the change slowly. Put to work newly trained team members as advocates for procedural changes and train the rest of the team.
  • Build a business case for the long-term solutions you have come up with. Begin with the big-ticket items in the dispatch management system, identify the changes you may want to propose, the capital investment needed to implement them, and the impact on employee count.

You may need to get supervisory approval throughout this process. By adhering to an agreed-upon timeline, you will have the freedom to identify, test, and execute scalable to sustain similar growth levels in the future.

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