Some Common Gowning Room Furniture And Their Usage

Gowning rooms are specially designed rooms where employees change their garments before entering a cleanroom. So, they change inside a gowning room.
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A cleanroom laboratory needs a lot of extra rooms and other things that support the cleanroom. It is a special room and the cleanliness of the room must be maintained. Due to this, the employees who work in a cleanroom need to change their dress and keep the belongings in a separate place before entering the cleanroom. Usually, employees need to wear a special dress to work in the cleanroom. Their belongings and outside clothes are stored in a gowning room.  In the initial stage, the gowning room was only used to store the outside cloths and the cleanroom uniform if the workers. Hence, it was named the gowning room.

Like any cleanroom, a gowning room also has some distinct protocols regarding its size and shape. This protocol also includes some furniture and machines. In this article, you will get to know about some common gowning room features and popular Gowning Room Furniture.

Gowning room furniture-

Any laboratory room needs to have comfortable workspaces and places so that workers can be there for long hours without any problem. Besides that, gowning rooms must also be properly cleaned and maintained so that it prevents any adulteration in the cleanroom. The gowning room needs to be designed such that the employees become cleaner as they approach the cleanroom.

There are different types of gowning rooms and each room has different layouts nut maintains the same principle. It must suit the purpose of the cleanroom and the works that are performed inside the cleanroom.

The furniture inside the gowning room is designed in a way that employees can keep their belongings secured and wash and change during entry and exit.

Some of the common gowning room furniture are-

Safety Locker: Employees need to keep their belongings secured and stored. So, each employee needs to have their locker where they can store their belongings like mobiles, wallets, jewelry, and other belongings. The lockers often have individual keys that support the lock and unlock system.

Shoe Cleaner: Since the employees are coming from outside, their shoes can have a lot of particles, dust, and dirt and other harmful things. Hence, a gowning room must have an automatic shoe cleaner with rotating brush that can easily clean off the dirt and grime from the shoes.

Shoe Rack: Employees need to wear specially designed cleanroom shoes and take off their regular shoes before entering the cleanroom. Different types of shoe racks come in different shapes and sizes. These are usually steel racks and can come with attached benches to take off their shoes. Usually, in a gowning room; there are two different types of shoe racks- one for storing the conventional shoes and one for keeping the cleanroom shoes secured.

Wiper Dispenser And Waste Bin: These two are a must in gowning rooms. The wipes are used to clean off the benches and other things. Waste bins can be used to store and dispose of different types of wastes and used wipes with safety.

Hand Washing And Sanitizing Place: Cleanliness is very much important inside a gowning room. So, employees need to clean their hands. Hence, every gowning room has proper hand washing and sanitizing station. Employees can wash their hands in this station and sanitize themselves properly before entering the cleanroom.

Hand Drying Station With Filters: A gowning room also has a specially designed hand dryer station with ULPA or HEPA filters so that the air is filtered after they dry their hands.

Garment Cabinets And Hangers: These stations are used to keep the garments of the employees. It can be a rack or a wardrobe like structure. A typical gowning room garment station is made with stainless steel. Some gowning rooms may have hangers, shelves. Many gowning rooms also have wall-mounted racks and shelves for a compact design.

Accessories Dispenser: Every employee needs to cover their hands and head before entering the classroom. An automatic glove liner and handicap dispenser provide them with clean gears. Many gowning rooms also have safety glasses dispenser along with these machines.

Air Shower: This is the last furniture in the gowning room. Employees have dressed up and are ready to enter the cleanroom. They enter this machine and a jet flow of sir is sprayed to clean the employees completely.

These are some of the common gowning room furniture. Any laboratory can customize most of the furniture according to their requirement. Global Lab Supply understands this demand and offers a variety of gowning room products including the furniture and machines at an affordable price.

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