Morafe Primary School

Morafe Primary School is a public primary school situated in the heart of Bochabela, an urban suburb within Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. This school is dedicated to providing quality education in the field of ordinary curriculum.
Address and Location:
You can find Morafe Primary School at 30316 Abdurahman Str, Bochabela, Bochabela, Bloemfontein, 9307. Nestled within Bochabela community, this location is strategically chosen to serve the local population and surrounding areas. You can correspond with the school via postal mail at Morafe Primary School 161651, Mangaung, 9307.
Morafe Primary School is a place of learning where students receive an ordinary education designed to provide them with a well-rounded academic experience. The school is committed to fostering a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in various aspects of life.
Section21 Status and Fees:
The school is a No fee-paying institution dedicated to fostering educational excellence in a supportive environment. Morafe Primary School is classified within a quintile rating of 3, it endeavors to meet the educational needs of its community while adhering to government guidelines for basic education.
As of the 2022 academic year, Morafe Primary School boasts of a student body of 664 learners and a team of 22 dedicated educators. These numbers mirror the significance of the school within the community and its commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive learning atmosphere.
Morafe Primary School operates under the Department Of Education And Training. With a NatEmis number of 440304166, it is an institution committed to providing a high standard of education. The school’s Persal Paypoint Number, 123538, and Persal Component Number, 820712, are instrumental in managing administrative and payroll aspects, ensuring smooth operations in its pursuit of academic excellence.

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Category Details

State/Province: Free State
Suburb: Bochabela
Neighbourhood: Bochabela
LGA/Local Municipality: Mangaung

School Details: 2022 Update

NatEmis: 440304166
Quintile: 3
Learners: 664
Educators: 22
Specialisation: Ordinary

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