Community School Enugu Aguachi, Oji-River

In the heart of Achi-Agu 3 Ward of Enugu State, Nigeria, Community School Enugu Aguachi stands out as a public institution committed to providing formal education at the primary school level. Positioned within the vibrant community of Oji-River Local Government Area, the primary school is recognized for its steadfast commitment to providing education to the community and the sorrounding areas.

The School at a Glance:

  • Location: Achi-Agu 3 Ward, Oji-River, Enugu State, Nigeria
  • Sector: Public
  • Specialization: Primary Primary School

Enroll at Community School Enugu Aguachi and become part of a dedicated community committed to fostering academic growth and excellence in Enugu State, Nigeria.

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Category Details

State/Province: Enugu
Suburb: Oji-River
Neighbourhood: Achi-Agu 3
LGA/Local Municipality: Oji-River
Specialisation: Primary Primary School

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