Why Should You Use Gravity Convection Ovens In The Lab?

The gravity convection ovens depend on the differences in temperature and the density of heated air that is used in circulation inside the chambers.
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Lab ovens are essential parts of modern labs these days. With a lab oven, the scientists and researchers would be able to reduce and remove all moisture from important lab samples, you can sterilise the samples and create the best ambience for your experiments. When you have the right lab oven you can get great service and authentic results from your experiments. You can use these ovens regularly without any worries. Hence, it is crucial that you should spend some time doing proper research about the ovens before you purchase them. Buying lab ovens entail a lot of investment and hence, one needs to be careful. This small article will describe the importance of the gravity convection lab oven for your lab.

What are the gravity convection ovens?

The gravity convection ovens depend on the differences in temperature and the density of heated air that is used in circulation inside the chambers. This type of circulation is quite effective in creating lower number of issues or problems during the stabilisation of the temperature. It will also create more uniformity and touch upon the dead spots inside the oven’s chamber. However, at the same time it is essential to also see that gravity convection ovens are most commonly used for generic drying applications, but it is also useful when you have strong air currents that may displace a lightweight sample. Finally, it is quite inexpensive to procure the gravity convection ovens and they are also quite easy for regular operation. 

Benefits of having Gravity Convection Ovens:

Applications Testing: If you have to test and check the applications and uses of several types of materials that are used in constructions, then you should use gravity convection ovens. These are useful because they can dry different types of materials at certain specific temperatures. They also provide controlled environments and hence are suitable for testing asphalt. However, you need to check that you have followed all protocols when you handle such materials because if you heat these materials too much then their chemical properties can change. This can alter their potential as good construction materials. The gravity convection ovens are also effective for metal conditioning and annealing. 

Control the Temperature Range: A gravity convection oven will give you a high range of maximum temperature that will make it most useful for various applications. You shall have the option to set the temperature to different levels if you want to test various materials.

Drying your Aggregates: There are several gravity convection oven models that offer a minimum temperature for optimum operational use. This is the lowest temperature in which your oven can perform when it is under the general stated specifications. This minimum temperature is essential when you want to dry aggregates. 

Advance designs of Ovens: The cabinets of the gravity convection ovens are quite attractive and durable. The exteriors have a light gray appearance and there is hard hammer finish which is scratch resistant. The doors have thermoplastic handles. The cabinets have a double wall construction. The work space has insulation and the outer cabinet has a mineral wool for this purpose. The interiors have corrosion-resistant steel. 

Controls Provided: There are digital control features alongside analog ones and are effective in providing easy access to temperature settings. The controls provide accurate temperature displays within 0.5 degrees in varying conditions. Suich a feature is essential for maintaining the stability of the temperature. It confirms the temperature stability and will indicate any form of malfunction also. There are LEDs which will always display the set temperature and the process temperature. There are also lock facilities to guard against any form of inadvertent  adjustments. 

Elements of Heating: The energy efficient and low watt density sheathing elements have been engineered to create compact designs which are best suited for quick use and fast recovery. The uniformity of the temperature is also improved by the heat shield that can absorb the radiant heat and will distribute it in an even manner all over the product chamber.


The most essential reason for the popularity of the gravity convection ovens is that they offer a really simple and unique method to heat the samples inside the chambers. The heat is also distributed evenly and this ensures that all the components of the samples are heated. You will easily find a lot of lab suppliers who will provide gravity convection ovens on the internet at cheap and inexpensive prices. Hopefully the information mentioned in this article will have helped you. Gravity convection ovens are specifically suited for use in various lab requirements in industries, schools, research organizations and so on. They are quite versatile and best suited for baking, curing, evaporating, testing and annealing. Thus, you should choose a gravity convection oven for your lab.

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