Provide Your Kids a Head Start by Educating Them to Read

If you or anyone in  your family has had reading challenges before, you will be giving the kids a  fantastic jump if you provide them with some elementary reading skills before  they start school. It may be any additional boost they need so they don't fall  behind, even when they process information differently using their company kids.
Of course, if you possess an extremely intelligent kid, they'll lap up any  reading skills you'll be able to give them 12 months, or perhaps couple of years  before they are going to high school.
Understanding reading basics also give  children extraordinary confidence too along with the feeling that learning is  easy. With luck that early confidence may stay with them during their school  life.

The earlier children read fluently, the higher. It's like  learning to ride a bike. Once they've mastered it, they realise the amount fun  reading might be.The sooner a youngster learns to learn easily, the earlier  they could start enjoying books in addition to understading about the content  inside books and writing their very own material.
There is absolutely no one  way to figure out how to read. Many children are taught to read by learning what  letters and combinations of letters could be seen as, and the way to place them  together – this is whats called 'phonics'. Children also discover how to  recognise words they've often seen before. This is called 'word recognition'.  Both processes aren't always separable.
Each child works out that c-a-t is  pronounced cat, they're going to probably recognise 'cat' the next occasion,  regardless of whether it's in a large word like catalyst. And they also could  very well recognise mat and fat without prompting. Other words might be best  learnt 'whole' by sight alone. Common words like 'said' and 'though' and  'through' don't' follow simple sound patterns and just repetition may help here.  The biggest thing to remember is these aren't the one ways we discover how to  read.
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