Plastering and painting are both examples of assets which can increase the value of your home. Although most people view their home as their greatest asset, this is not always the case. Many would argue that property prices are always rising, making homes or any property an asset. As your home ages, the value of the surrounding area will increase.

All homeowners should therefore make it a point to renovate their homes regularly in order to maintain their home’s value.

These are some projects you can do today to increase the value of your home.

Doors and windows

Buyers are most likely to notice windows and doors first. You can give your exterior a new lease of life by replacing them immediately.

Replacing windows and doors should be done. Keep in mind that you must keep the exterior style unchanged.

Solutions to save energy

Modern property buyers have become smarter than ever and are now looking for homes that are as intelligent as they. Replace major electronic components in your home with more efficient, modern ones if you haven’t done so already. Water heaters, space boilers, and other electronics that use a lot of energy are all examples.

Lighting is essential for a healthy life

The aesthetics of your home are enhanced by light. By adding warmth and character to large spaces, they can also add atmosphere to smaller areas.

We all know that nobody likes a dark, dingy house. To enhance the beauty of your rooms, make use of both natural and electric light sources. Skylights, sun tubes and sun tubes are excellent options for letting in natural sunlight. Another great way to add character and set the mood is by using high-wattage bulbs with a dimming function.

Repairing structural problems in the property

If your property has structural defects, they will have the greatest impact on the property’s value. It is difficult to spot these defects yourself. You can take a digital photo of your house if you are having trouble. You will notice the imperfections being magnified if you view this image in black and white. These defects can be identified and quickly fixed by a professional. There are many businesses that specialize in this type of work and will gladly offer plastering or GIB Stopping services in Auckland.

Convert your loft into a room

Loft conversions can be a great way to increase the value of your property. A loft can be converted into an extra room that is unique and airy, which is something most people leave unutilized.

The extra space will add value to your home and make you a huge profit when you sell it.


These are just a few of the many projects you can do to increase your home’s value. You can do more to increase your home’s value, such as cleaning and redecorating the kitchen, replacing old flooring or carpeting, or increasing the floor area. These things will cost you. You must ensure that the costs do not exceed the profits.

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