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PHR certification is a great method to establish yourself inside the HR  field.
PHR Preparation Overview
Be prepared for exams might be  overwhelming, particularly if you do not know where to start. Fortunately, there  are several possibilities open that can assist you from the preparation of your  PHR exam.
While HRCI does not endorse a particular resource or technique of  study, we encourage candidates to look around the preparation resources that  exist for the PHR certification exam.
There is absolutely no single  preparation method that can meet every candidate's needs and that we urge you to  use a variety of tools and resources to boost your understanding of general HR  principles and HR exam content.
For upcoming preparation courses and  programs, watch our Exam Preparation Provider Directory
What exactly is HRCI  Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification?
Make your Own Bundle
HRCI has packaged together a mixture of self-study  exam preparation options – bundles that will help you saving time and cash!

Understand that you could only create your own bundle at the time  of your exam application. Find out more about how to find an HRCI examination.? Application Fee: $100 (application fee is non-refundable)
? Exam Fee:  $395
? PHR Second Chance Test Insurance by HRCI (optional): $250
Pass  The HRCI PHR Certification Exam in First Attempt?
Congratulations! You  have made a significant decision to enhance your hr management career also to  help advance your organization by earning an established and trusted HR  credential from HR Certification Institute®(HRCI®). Your first steps are to  create a web based account. Let's get started:
Step 1: Create Account
Create an internet account with HRCI. Should you curently have a merchant  account, login making use of your email and password.
2: Choose
Choose  the exam perfect for you in the "My Application" section and supply your  eligibility information.
Step three: Make your Own Bundle
Evaluate if  you desire to purchase preparation materials through our Create your Own Bundle  option.
Step four: Affirm
Affirm that every information submitted for  the application is finished and true, that you've look at HRCI Certification  Handbook and accept be bound by all policies and procedures outlined in it.
Step # 5: Submit
Submit the application form with payment.
Step six:  Schedule
Schedule your PHR exam within 6 months through the date of approval  with this exam partner, Pearson VUE and plan your preparation.
Step 7: Take  PHR Exam
Bring the state run valid government issued identification with you  to accept exam. Review these exam day tricks to make sure you are set to the  exam day.
Receive Results
Receive results in the testing center as well  as an official results report within 24-48 hours after testing.
To get more  information about PHR Sample Questions site: click  here.