Peerless Engineering is a company that specializes in manufacturing central vacuum systems, oil-less compressed air systems, and hydraulic power units. Our primary goal is to provide low whole-life cost which means our products are built with quality materials and processes, have long lifespans, and require less maintenance while providing the best customer service.

We Manufactured for hospitals and laboratories these systems typically have two or three pumps, a galvanized storage receiver, and an automatic control panel. Vacuum pump are usually oil lubricated vane type or oil-less claw type. Oil-less air compressors are used where any risk of oil in the compressed air is unacceptable. Peerless central vacuum and oil-less compressed air systems are installed primarily in British Columbia universities, hospitals, and laboratories.

Peerless Engineering has been providing high-quality vacuum pump service in-shop repairs for all of our customers’ products or systems since we first opened up shop. We also help start up new businesses by offering expert commentary on how they can improve their efficiency, as well provide field service when needed so that you’re always covered no matter where your location maybe!

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