Organic liquid and granular fertilizer manufacturer and suppliers| Superb World Biotech

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Superb World Biotech LLP is the firm based upon path-breaking research in Bio-Technology and Organic Agriculture by the researchers dedicated in this field for decades. We are engaged in providing services like organic programs, soil & tissue testings, fertilizers etc.

Superb World Biotech LLP reckons it’s first and foremost bond with Farmer and Environment. We believe in reviving multi-fold One-to-One relationships, be it with our Farmer, Farmer-to-Crops, Soil-to-Crops, and Products-to-Farming and vice versa working towards creating healthier Environmental Era.
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Map, Phone, Email & Website

Address: Gujarat, India | Phone: (+91) 079-26760353 | Email: superbworldmkt [at] | Website: