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Lost a key? Well, if you aren’t able to find it back, this is time to move on and get a new one. Morgans Locksmiths is one of the oldest and the quickest locksmiths in the Leicestershire area. So, you know who to reach out to now. Whether it’s a detachable lock or one attached to your door or cupboard, our staff will always have your back. Been in the business since 1717, we at Morgans Locksmiths are passionate about physical security products, access control products along with digital CCTVs etc. So, if you’re stuck without a key, call us right away and we’ll get your key to happiness.

Address: 575 Saffron Lane, Leicester, LE2 6UN, United Kingdom

Phone 0116 244 0338

Visit: www.morganslocksmiths.com

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