Media Grizzly and the SEO revolution

SEO has seen a new wave of competition, in what started out as a few "google experts" has become a phenomenon of expertise.
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SEO has quickly grown from the mystifying corners of the internet touted as the only way to gain online business to the must use keyword of business essentials. Short for search engine optimization, the masters of growing your business reputation have found that the industry has become more crowded in recent years. This has lead to a golden age of SEO where fierce competition has lead to injenuity in the marketplace. One company that has brought a dynamic approach to SEO is Media Grizzly LLC ( By niching down to what they love, they are able to tailor websites and produce better outcomes with happier customers. Niching down means that they don't accept just anybodys money and push them through a revolving door for short term SEO. They build a consulting relationship and show value to their customers- a now growing trend in competitive SEO.