Learn Whether Your Child Should Attend Tuition Centre In Bukit Timah For AEIS Or S-AEIS

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As an expatriate family planning to move to Singapore, you probably have more than enough on your plate to worry about. If you add the matter of getting your child enrolled in a local school, then you’ll surely feel overwhelmed. This country is quite popular across the world for having the best education system, as well as an excellent tuition centre in Bukit Timah. However, as an international student, your child has to sit for the AEIS or S-AEIS test to become a student.

About AEIS

So, what is AEIS? It’s an abbreviated term that stands for Admission Exercise for International Students. It’s nothing more than an examination that an international student has to sit for to earn the chance of joining one of the local schools. It’s a mandate enforced by Singapore’s education system. The examination takes place once every year in September or October. You need to pay a non-refundable fee, and the exam revolves around two subjects only – English and Mathematics. Understandably, taking English and Math tuition will prove fruitful.


As already mentioned earlier, the AEIS test is for international students. Your child has to be between seven and seventeen to sit for the test and get enrolled in one of the local schools. There’s a way to bypass the test. You have to resort to one of the international schools, though, and it can be quite costly. Local school fees are significantly more pocket-friendly. That’s why contemplating the AEIS exam format should be in your best interests.

About S-AEIS

Now that you know a bit about AEIS, you’re probably wondering what S-AEIS is all about. Well, there aren’t many differences between the two, except the exam timing. Unlike AEIS, S-AEIS stands for Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students and it takes place somewhere around February or March every year. It’s specifically for those who don’t have a place in regional schools or couldn’t make it for the AEIS during September or October. Fortunately, the tuition centre in Bukit Timah can also help your child to prepare for the S-AEIS too.

Importance of tuition

Tuition is crucial to achieving success in AEIS as it’s extremely competitive, with numerous students from all over the world participating in it every year. Additionally, tuition classes can help your kid understand the Singaporean education system.