Leadership Development programs at Advatix Global Service

Advatix Global HR is one of the leading Human Resource Management consulting companies of the nation.
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At Advatix Global HR we offer technology based services and solutions to help organizations have the best team with the necessary Human Capital.  In achieving the company targets and excelling in the market, the people driving the business play a very important role. Our people experts working across the globe, provide our clients with the best talent options, the right organizational architecture, and effective learning management tools to drive your growth. To meet the business standards of our clients, provide result-oriented tailored solutions. We take care of all the aspects of human resource management, i.e from staffing, and recruiting services to organizational development, tech advisory, and much more.

We offer advanced Leadership development courses designed to mitigate the risk of employing “less than effective” leaders. Through our world-class and customizable leadership programs running from 3 session courses to a year-long Master leader program, we offer dedicated coaching completely focused on your team and their development.The sessions include A Day in the Life of a Leader Management By Walking Around (MBWA) The Head and Heart Coach Extreme Ownership The Rules of Engagement The Delegation 8 Simple Rules for Culture Maximum Performance and much more.

These programs help with numerous factors such as Team Building, retaining the best leaders, and helping others to grow into potential leaders who can drive the business forward. Our condensed programs include telecon or online sessions for those who cannot attend offline coaching. And to do this, we use our tool “Vidya”.  It ensures that every participant is able to maximize their instruction time and improve their performance. You can also customize the programs as per your requirements. 

Visit us today to grow into the leading business in the market.