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Best Clean Laptops with Warranty

 Call us 0702910146

 Elite book folio 9470 Core i5/4gb/500gb @25k
Elitebook folio 9480 core i5/4gb/500gb @27k
Probook 640 core i5/4gb/500gb @27k
Elite book 840 core i5/4gb/500gb  @28k
Probook 440 core i5/4gb/500gb @28k
Probook 4520s core i5/4gb/500gb @20k
Probook 6550b core i5/4gb/500gb @19k
Elite book 8440 core i5/4gb/500gb @20k
Probook 645 core i5/4gb/500gb @28k
Probook 430 core i5/4gb/500gb @26k
Elite book 8460p core ki5/4gb/500gb @20500          
Elitebook 820 core i5/4gb/500gb @27k
Elite book 8470 core i5/4gb/500gb @21k
Elite book 840 core i5/4gb/500gb (touchscreen) @28k
Hp 2170 Core i5 4 GB/320gb @17k
Elite book 2560 core i5/4gb/500gb @19k
Elite book 2570 core i5/4gb 500@19k
Elite book 2760 core i5/4gb/500gb @23k
Elite book 840 core i7/4gb/500gb @32k
Elite book 840 core i7/4gb/500gb  (touchscreen) @35k
Elite book 9470 core i7/4gb/500gb @30k
Elite book 9480 core i7 /4gb/500gb @32k
Probook 440 core i7/4gb/500gb @29k
Elite book 2540 core i7/4gb/500gb @23k
Elitebook 8460 core i7/4gb/500gb  @24k        
Elite book 810  core i7/4gb/256ssd @30k      
Probook 430 core i7/4gb ram 500gb HDD  @33k              
Hp 440  Core i3 4gb 320gb hdd @25k
hp probook core i3 4440s 4gb ram 500gb HDD @19k

 AMD’S @15k
Hp 745 4gb /500hdd  2gb/ radieon graphics @28k
Elite book 6930p 2gb 250 @15
Spectre coi5 8gb/ 256ssd  @58
Elite book 810 revolve corei5 4gb 256ssd @25K
hp 612 pro x2 8gb ram 256gb ssd @30k
1040 core i5 8gb 256gb ssd 5th gen @35k
Hp 1040 touch Screen core i5 8gb ram 256gb ssd @40k
Hp 3125 amd 2gb ram 320gb hdd @14500

 Latitude E7240 i5 128ssd @25k
Latitude 7440 i5 4 GB 500 hdd  @27k
Latitude 7240 core i7 128 sdd @30k
Atom 2120 2 GB ram 250hdd @13500          
Latitude E5250 core i5 4gb ram 500gb hdd  @28k

 Yoga 11e 4 GB 320 hdd @22k
T400  2 GB 160 hdd @15k
T 44O 4 GB 500 hdd @27k
T450s core i5 4 GB 500 hdd  @25k
T430s 4GB 500hdd  @25k
X 240 core i5 4 GB 500 hdd  @25

 *Computer Repair and Accessories Available*

 Contact 0702910146