Inventory planning and management to extend the life of your warehouse facility

The pandemic has put enormous pressure on the existing storage and fulfilment centers of many organizations.
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The pandemic has put enormous pressure on the existing storage and fulfilment centers of many organizations. You may be wondering if you should invest in a bigger and better facility or improve the one you have considering the peak demand you have been meeting. Analyzing variables like the layout of the facility racking slotting and material handling equipment will give you the right answers. To start with, you need an understanding of the capacity of your current space. Having a supply chain Consulting organization analyze your warehouse can help save time.

Evaluate vertical storage

Determine the possible maximum racking height versus the current state in your warehouse. Check if there is room in your existing or potential facility to build vertically. Be sure that the remaining clearance me local fire regulations and is compliant with building codes.

Dock space

Include a complete accounting of total inflows and outflows to avoid overcrowding at your warehouse’s Docking space. Recognize the kinds of activities performed in the area and how often they occur. Check if you are dealing with reverse logistics outbound loading dunnage flex space sorting etc. Every activity needs different Storage for Staging space ratios Dead Space and other stock-specific criteria.


Honeycombing is a clever strategy to utilize your facility and streamlining Inventory Planning and Management. It may be easy to make flawed assumptions about the original capacity of your warehouse. Assigning honeycomb storage can help account for lost storage space. A sampling of different zones within your warehouse can help to dial in an appropriate honeycomb factor.


Indulge in thinking about changing things up within your house using taller stacking smaller aisles and going wholly different with your MHE strategy. Think about the possible options with racking and pick locations.

Time and motion study gives the most accurate understanding of labor efficiency in Warehouse in Los Angeles full stop the weightage placed on the warehouse efficiency is justified. Successful brands recognized how important it is to have a warehouse that can contribute to a more efficient supply chain.

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