Inventory Management Services at Advatix

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Advatix is one of the leading Retail Supply Chain management consulting firms in the nation. We, at Advatix, offer the most innovative supply chain technology solutions along with warehouse facilities. We help different companies to overcome supply chain obstacles and provide customized supply chain designs that are specific to the companies’ goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Our team of experts design, develop and implement result-oriented solutions to ensure efficiency, measurable improvement, and significant cost reduction. Our customized models help the companies to fix the supply chain problems and find opportunities to grow in the market.

Along with supply chain management solutions, we offer Inventory Planning and Management services to the companies. We use smart devices and technologies like the inventory tracking system(IMS), Order management system (OMS), etc to offer real-time management, manage the inventory, improved visibility, accountability, and prompt execution of orders.

Through our advanced Artificial Intelligence and robotics-based systems designs and strategies, we ensure that the companies have the right inventories at the right places and in the right time. We help companies to have a better fulfillment rate at a reduced cost. We help in mitigating the risks of business processes and building a design that will maximize the ease of conducting the operations.

We ensure better customer experience, improved order fulfillment, and a balanced supply chain. If you are looking for warehouse inventory management consulting services, we are your best choice. We will channelize your business operations in the right way and help you become the market leader. You will also receive assistance in Sourcing and distribution, Dynamic safety stock management, Competitive benchmarks and analysis and much moreto enhance the effectiveness of supply chain and logistic operations.

Engage with us to seek our professional assistance and take your business to the next level! Visit today!

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