Importance Of A Clear Panel Fume Hood In A Laboratory

There are various types of chemicals and substances in a laboratory.
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There are various types of chemicals and substances in a laboratory. Some of them are toxic, whereas some are non-toxic in nature. So, there must be some arrangement to protect the workers present over there throughout the day. A fume hood is that saviour’s name when the lab is dealing with all kinds of hazardous chemicals. This amazing article filters the air and prevents dangerous gases from affecting the workers. Therefore, if you want to protect the laboratory, a fume hood is a must.

Now, you may think which type of fume hood would be the best for the purpose. Well, there are numerous types of hoods. Here, we will tell you about the utility of a clear panel fume hood that can enhance the gaseous substance's visibility. The 360-degree visibility allows the workers to observe everything through the transparent panels while working with the chemicals. Let us understand more about this lovely hood.

Specialties Of A Clear Panel Fume Hood

The best part of the clear panel fume hood is that nothing can hide from your eyes. Moreover, these fume hoods are extremely durable in nature. So, there is no need to change the hood frequently. The principal property behind transparency is the presence of see-through poly-carbonate. This material can resist various types of dangerous substances and thus acts as a shield. Due to non-damaging and no-porous nature, any industry can use a clear panel fume hood. Food industries cannot risk using any kind of inferior quality material in their factories and kitchens. Inappropriate substances can affect food adversely. However, a clear panel fume hood can be a perfect fit for the food technology labs too. They can even perform brilliantly for educational purposes.

One of the attractive features of this hood is the powder-coated body made from stainless steel. This structure makes the product a robust one that can provide resistance to a lot of damaging fumes. A typical clear panel fume hood has the capacity to tolerate around 80 degrees Centigrade of heat. Furthermore, these fume hoods are an ideal choice for lightweight materials. Hence, if your laboratory mostly deals with heavy loads, this thing will not be a suitable choice. To run the machine, you will require an external exhaust blower. It is advisable to use a blower with a minimum power of 200 cfm. The device also comes with a see-through vertical sash. Due to the existence of the quick-release pins, you can easily open or close the sash. To ensure more comfort for the users, there are three different positions that you can set as per your need. Also, you will find two exhaust ports measuring six inches that remain connected with the central exhaust system present in the laboratory.

Maintenance For A Long-life

To get a prolonged life for the clear panel fume hoods, proper maintenance is highly needed. So, after each experiment, always observe the condition of the fume hood. The regular examination can make you identify any blockages if present. This will help you to take immediate steps for the successful removal of the same. It is recommendable to arrange for a professional examination of the fume hood at least once in a year. An expert in this field can give you better suggestions regarding the maintenance of a clear panel fume hood.

Today, many such hoods consist of a digital panel. Every day, it is your foremost duty to check whether everything is working correctly. Always place a tissue paper if the indicators are placed separately from the hood. Checking of airflow is mandatory. If the flow is in the right direction, you will be assured that there is no problem with the machine. However, if it is not so, then professional advice is highly desirable.

The Safety Tips

Whenever you are using a fume hood in your laboratory, you must follow some safety measures to avoid unpleasant incidents. Here are some of the tips that you should abide by;-

  • Fume hoods have the capacity to handle 10 ml of waste disposal. However, in case of a transparent panel fume hood, do not dispose of the waste materials on a large scale.
  • While conducting experiments, ensure that there is a gap of at least half a foot between every substance inside the hood.
  • You must use appropriate safety gear like goggles, masks, gloves, etc. as a preventive measure for an explosion and the like.
  • To have extra protection, try to keep your face away from the sash. You should open the hood sash at a minimum height.
  • Any kind of fast movement can lead to a sudden increase in airflow. So, it is better to avoid quick running, AC, or fans near the fume hood.

The performance of the fume hood will give more effective results if you can maintain all these steps. 

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