How To Get The Right Kind Of CPAP Masks For Effective CPAP Therapy

One of the most critical steps you will have to take to fight sleep apena is choosing the right CPA mask. As far as CPAP masks are concerned there’s not a single typ
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One of the most critical steps you will  have to take to fight sleep apena is choosing the right CPA mask. As far as CPAP masks are concerned there’s not a single type of mask  that suits everybody. By comprehending your exact facial profile, sleep  habits, and individual breathing requirements you can get the right kind of CPAP masks that’ll make sure your treatment is effective.  


What to take into account when buying cpap mask?


  • Nose size – your nose size & profile may influence your choice of mask.
  • If you breathe through your nose or mouth (or both).
  • Ask your other half to check if you keep your mouth open while sleeping. If you don’t breathe through your nose.
  • If you’re likely to move about all through the night, this could also influence the choice of mask that’s most suitable.
  • Wearing glasses while reading & watching television in bed or suffering from claustrophobia could influence your choice.
  • Facial hair will also require to be considered.


What are the different type of CPAP masks out there?


The range of CPAP masks usually fall into three major group:


  • Nasal Pillows CPAP masks
  • Nasal CPAP masks
  • Full-Face CPAP masks


Choose the right size:


The majority of CPAP masks avail in a variety of sizes, which differ  relying upon the maker. There are sizing templates available to pick the right size. Some CPAP masks may have sizes such as small, medium and  large.


If you’ve facial hair, it is critical to buy a mask that won’t leak because of the uneven surface area.


Ensure to tell your DME tech if you’re an active sleeper so that you avail the most secure mask possible.


Size, fit and comfort are the most critical considerations while  selecting a CPAP mask. If the mask is not comfortable, does not fit  well, or does not meet your breathing requirements, it isn’t likely that you’ll make the most of CPAP treatment. Take time to choose the best  mask with your DME tech, and don’t be frightened if you change your mind afterward and wish to check out a different mask.


It is critical to keep in mind that point of views differ from one  patient to the other and the best way to find the perfect mask is  through trial & error.


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