How to Choose a Good Head Model

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There are currently 4 materials on the market, foam model, PVC plastic Head Model, fiberglass Head Model and canvas block. Of course, there are other wig holders, so I won’t go into details here. Focus on the selection of PVC plastic mannequins:

1.Material: PVC Head Model, made of environmental friendly polyethylene resin, with polyurethane foam. As a result, the smell was stronger when the model’s head was made of the material. The scalp is very soft and needs time to dry after filling with foam polyurethane. Then it will take shape and the smell will disappear or even disappear. At this point, the model’s head is very hard. The greatest advantages of this material are that it is not broken, has a long service life, is produced by machines, is light in weight, is cheap in price, and is easy to transport. After you learn about the material, you can smell it when you choose it, or you can throw it high.

2.Makeup: the makeup of the Head Model plays a finishing role in the sales of the whole product. For the same Head Model, different methods get completely different results. This aspect also varies from person to person. When you choose, look around, choose manufacturers, and compare.

3.Printed Logo: Many big brands put their brand logo on the car when they buy it. Trademark is mainly divided into machine printing and spray paint. Obviously, it is best too print by machine, whether by hand or drawing. When you choose, you can ask the manufacturer what printing method to use.

4.Head style: The choice of head style depends on the product you want to display. The die head is generally between 53cm and 56cm. There are shoulders, short necks, ears, pierced ears, etc. You can choose according to your needs.

Take some conditioner and run it gently across the lower half of the hair shaft. You better leave the roots and the base alone, because they are not in a good relationship with conditioners as these may damage them. Remember that one of the main missions of a conditioner is to fight tangles, which are placed close to the ends of the hair. So you always have to work in this area more to keep it in good condition. Let the product stay for 2-4 minutes on hair. Then, rinse it out with running water. If tangling is a common event on your manikin, you have to condition the hair after each training session.

Over time, hair loss is also a problem, especially if you work with fools every day. Long-term pulling and stretching, coupled with the use of hair care products, will weaken the hair fibers and make them fall off. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do in a self-controlled environment. You can go to a mannequin shop to solve this problem, but as long as it takes time and money, investing in a new dummy is also an option you can consider.

Although it is difficult to repair dwarf hair loss, you can take some precautions to prevent it from falling out. These methods include: avoiding the use of bleaching agents, avoiding excessive combing, using high-quality conditioner to comb the hair, reducing friction when combing, and making the hair more elastic and smooth.

The identification method of PVC human model head:

Listen to the sound: the DC model head is made of environmentally friendly resin polyethylene (polyethylene), filled with polyurethane inside. The interior is real, so when you tap the head mold with your hand, it doesn’t make a crisp sound.

Weight: The PC head is relatively light in weight. The 18-inch head die weighs about 12-1.5kg