How Should I Choose my First Pistol for Conceal and Carry Use?

If you are planning to purchase a pistol for your safety, or to ensure the safety of your family or premises, here are a few factors that you must consider before.
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Anyone new to the field of guns and pistols may be wondering “How Should I Choose my First Pistol for Conceal and Carry Use?” – and this is a perfectly fair question to ask. Especially for beginners who have never carried a concealed weapon before, choosing the right firearm can be daunting. While it is true that a choice can be made on the basis on different parameters, the truth is that a gun is a very personal choice. The ideal way to select a gun or a pistol would be to put down what all you need it for, understand your comfort levels, and then choose a gun depending on the various features that it offers. Here are some of the factors that you must consider before purchasing a concealed weapon. 

  1. Your level of expertise: Before any other factor that can be considered, your level of comfort, practice using a firearm, and your level of expertise are one of the first things that must be thought about before selecting a Concealed Carry Md. While a person who has had training in firearms would be more likely to be comfortable with a wider range of pistols, a person just starting must gauge their comfort levels as this can have a direct impact on the safe usage and safe up-keep of your firearm. There is no point in choosing a pistol that is tremendously more complicated than you are used to and attempting to use it incorrectly. Apart from making the pistol useless, incorrect usage can even lead to potentially disastrous consequences if the wielder of the weapon does not have a sufficient level of expertise required to handle it. 
  2. The manufacturer of the gun: This parameter of choosing a concealed weapon is a combination of multiple factors such as price, aesthetics, comfort, etc. Most manufacturers of pistols have a wide range of weapons that usually fit everyone’s budget. However, it is important to demarcate a budget or a price that you are willing to go up to for the features that you want from your concealed weapons. A point one must remember while choosing a weapon is that a lot of times, you are likely to get what you pay for – therefore, purchasing a weapon should not be an avenue where you are attempting to cut corners. Not only can a cheap and poorly manufactured pistol be dangerous for you, but can also be dangerous for anyone in the vicinity. Ensure that the manufacturer of the gun you choose is a reputed brand, offers a warranty, and has the option to fix the weapon at their stores/official authorized workshops or showrooms. 
  3. Calibre: After safety, and then choosing the right manufacturer, the other extremely important factor to consider while purchasing a concealed weapon is the calibre of the gun, as well as the comfort and safety that it provides. Various factors that can influence which calibre gun you want to purchase for your concealed weapon is the price of the ammunition, how many rounds you want to carry on you, etc. 
  4. Grip, safety, size, and weight:  This is another extremely important aspect to consider before choosing a concealed carry weapon. These are also parameters that a person must make based on their attributes. For instance, one guy may be suitable for a certain individual due to the size of their thumb, or their palm. However, another person, (even of the same family) may struggle to wield the weapon safely because of how their hands are built. Therefore, before choosing a weapon, the weight of the gun (must be light enough to carry, but not so light that it feels like air), the size of the weapon (should fit in a concealed location such as your palm for defensive carry), the grip (should be safe and sturdy), and the safety of the weapon in question must be considered before make a choice. 
  5. Type: Finally, when one has thought about all the other factors, another aspect that can be considered before purchase a concealed carry weapon can be the type of weapon that an individual believes is the best choice for them. There are various types of concealed carry weapons that a person can choose from, such as a double-action weapon, a revolver, a semi-automatic, a pistol, etc. Depending on what purpose and function the individual plans to use it for, how much his or her level of expertise over wielding a gun is, and various other factors such as a suitable price point, and the right manufacturer – a choice can be made. Keep in mind, that some states have regulations on what age groups can purchase what types of weapons – this is something you must consider prior to choosing your concealed firearm.