Hillpark Nairobi

Most hotels will call you a guest. The Hillpark Hotel treats you like family from the moment you walk through the door. Located in the peaceful leafy Lower Hill Road area, which borders Upper hill, Hillpark Hotel has proven its regard to quality service and personalised attendance. Over the years Hillpark Hotel has managed to grow and upgrade its facility to meet the satisfaction of our clients. The Hillpark Hotel experience is full of thoughtfully orchestrated touches, to make your lodging experience as pleasing as possible. The hotel consists of standard, executive, premium and deluxe suites with elegantly designed interiors and apartments for those who prefer a longer stay at the hotel.

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Map, Phone, Email & Website

Address: Nairobi | Phone: Tel: +254 20 272 4312/3/5, 272 4912 Fax: +254 2 2716768 Cell: +254 724 256 201, +254 735 337 522 Wireless: 020 2170236/7 Toll Free (US and Canada): 1-888-790-5264 | Email: reservations [at] hillparkhotel.com | Website: www.hillparkhotel.com


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