Have You Tried Dry Transfer Museum Labels?

There's a secret known by many curators at major museums. It is that custom dry transfers make outstanding museum wall labels. Rub-on decals make exhibit captions appear as though they were painted directly onto the wall – and have remarkable clarity even at smaller sizes. They produce an appearance that is superior to vinyl lettering and far better than anything from a laser printer. Application is easy and quick, which means they are great to use when on deadline. Better decals like the ones from Image Transfers in New York have been used successfully by many museums.
Exhibit captions can play an outsized role in people's impressions of a show because they are next to each piece of artwork displayed. When they are clear and easy to read, everyone views them and moves on without a thought. But when they lack clarity or are challenging to read, suddenly people notice. To make sure your visitors, patrons, and attendees have the best possible experience, make sure you check into dry transfer wall labels for your next show. The decals are made from adhesive-backed lacquer ink and have an unmatched appearance in terms of clarity and precision.
Thanks to digital advances, dry transfer museum labels are created directly from files you supply, so there are no surprises. You get back exactly what you send, and that's a lot of peace of mind when you're working on a tight deadline. Also, if you're applying your captions to exhibit cases or pedestals for sculpture, you'll be glad to know they quickly go on any smooth, clean surface. Therefore, you're good to go with an application on walls, wood, glass, plastic, and metal. You'll have the same excellent appearance and no complications as you rub them on.
The classic look is black lettering on light-colored surfaces. But when you use dry transfer decals, you can choose any Pantone color with no complications or additional changes. It's an excellent capability for contemporary art institutions that are looking to add uniqueness and flair to exhibits. Try any color as long as it is dark enough to assure good readability, and you'll have equally good results. When the stakes are high, and you're mounting an exhibition that will be high profile, don't take chances with your museum wall labels.  Use custom dry transfers for an outstanding look, every time.

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