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Gain The Information About Pass-Through Desiccators

In this world, there are various types of Desiccators and Pass Through Desiccators are one of them. Both Pass Through Desiccators and a normal Desiccator are almost the same. The difference between a Pass Through Desiccator and a normal Desiccator is that in Pass Through Desiccator substances can be easily transferred from one chamber to another and the Pass Through Desiccator also blocks all the contaminants from entering the container and in a normal Desiccator you cannot pass contaminants from one chamber to another. If you want a Desiccator which is better than a normal Desiccator then you can purchase a Pass Through Desiccator because it is more beneficial than a normal Desiccator. The main role of Pass Through Desiccators

is that it gives us a channel or crossing between the chambers in it because this helps in maintaining the humidity levels, air pressure and hygiene of the controlled room. When you open a door from one side for placing a substance on the shelves of the storage box the other door will always remain auto shut and it will not open when one door is already opened. Once the opened door is closed the door on the other side can now be opened for taking out the substances kept in the shelves or storage box. Pass Through Desiccator eliminates unnecessary garbage and also reduces the traffic in a Cleanroom.

Types of Desiccators

  • Plastic Desiccator Cabinets
  • Plastic Single Chamber Desiccator Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Desiccators
  • Vacuum Desiccator Cabinets

What is Cleanroom?

The cleanroom is that place where technicians, operators or assemblers manufacture products like pharmaceutical products, electronics, and medical equipment. A Cleanroom also filters pollutants like aerosol particles, dust, and airborne microbes so that an area is pollutant-free. There is a compulsory gowning procedure which is necessary for entering in the Cleanroom. The production of micro-systems is performed in a Cleanroom. In a Cleanroom control on temperature, pressure and humidity are important. 


  1. Structure of softwall cabins

The structure of softwall cabins is of curtains shield which is made from PVC material. Under the curtains of a Cleanroom, the exhaust air can easily escape. 

Advantages of softwall cabins

  1. Individual installation and planning.
  2. An easy mixture of shelves, wet work stations, work surfaces, airlocks, material, etc.
  3. Easy installation of fan filter modules.
  4. Expansion of the production area possible.

  1. Structure of hardwall cabins

Hardwall cabins give us a benefit that we can instantly create a clean environment for a specific process.

                          Advantages of hardwall cabins

  1. All purity classes are available
  2. Appropriate for those production areas which are having very narrow climate tolerance.
  3. Accurate examination of products.

Benefits of clean working zones

  • Transfer of the principle of the modular Cleanroom to workbenches, mini-environment, and individual cabins is possible.
  • Easy connect and tailor of individual modules to customer requirements.
  • The space available is used systematically.
  • The purity class also outside the work surfaces is improved.

Benefits Of Modular Cleanroom System

  • Easy installation of fan filter modules.
  • Individual installation and planning.
  • Easy mixture of shelves, wet work stations, work surfaces, airlocks, material, etc.
  • Expansion of the production area possible.

Why Should We Use Pass Through Desiccators?

Pass Through Desiccator saves your time and money. Transparent static-dissipative PVC doors help in keeping an eye on the stored substances. Pass Through Desiccators help in the transfer of substances between rooms which are having varying pressure. The process of gas distribution is uniform and efficient. The door tightly seals because they are gasketed. The threat of electrostatic discharge is reduced because SDPVC is used for the door panels. Pass Through Desiccators restrict the entry of unnecessary garbage. Stainless steel Pass Through Desiccator is an ideal choice for your Cleanroom. The automatic interlock mechanism feature is offered by Pass Through Desiccators. Pass Through Desiccators restrict the cross-contamination of the substances. Stainless steel Pass Through Desiccator is better than plastic Pass Through Desiccator. Pass through operations are possible because of front and rear access doors. The service life of a desiccator gets extended because of the stainless steel doors. Pass Through Desiccator can also be ordered with an optional removable shelf. Shelf placement at one-inch increments is possible because of optional racks. Additional ESD safety is provided by grounded rack, hinge and door latch. 


From the above information you got to know about Pass Through Desiccators, it’ types and benefits of using Pass Through Desiccators. You also got to know about the Cleanroom, structure of a Cleanroom and advantages of the structure of a Cleanroom. Stainless steel Pass Through Desiccators are way better than plastic Pass Through Desiccators.

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