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Endovenous Laser Ablation Procedure

Do you have a painful spider or varicose vein? Interested in knowing more about varicose vein laser surgery? The vein and laser clinic has board certified and highly experienced experts that will offer you the best laser for spider veins. When you visit the vein treatment clinic website, you will find a list of laser vein removal centers in different cities. Endovenous laser treatment is one of the technologies used to treat vein disease. A physician offering laser vein treatment will begin by taking your medical history. You can ask your physician for laser vein removal before and after pictures to see how effective it is. In laser spider vein removal, a small area on the skin surface is injected with a local anesthetic. Using ultrasound guide, the laser vein removal expert will place an endovenous laser within the vein. Laser energy is then delivered to the walls of the vein. Laser ablation will cause the vein to seal. Laser vein ablation is a rapid procedure that takes between 30 to 45 minutes. Once laser for spider veins or laser varicose vein removal is completed, blood will reroute to healthy veins. Laser treatment for varicose veins rapidly improves circulation after treatment. Laser ablation recovery time is about 2 days although many patients continue with their daily activities immediately. Your doctor at the vein laser clinic will wrap your leg with ace bandage for 2 days after laser ablation procedure. Care after laser ablation will involve wearing of compression stockings for 7 days. The pros of endovenous laser therapy include no skin discoloration and short procedure time. However, laser vein therapy has its cons. Common laser ablation side effects include bruising, mild to moderate soreness and in rare cases, infection. There are also rare cases of recurrence of the varicose vein after laser therapy for varicose veins. Laser ablation for spider veins may not be suitable for everyone. Ask a vein specialist if laser ablation treatment will be good for you. To easily find laser and vein center close to you, visit the vein treatment clinic website. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions like; laser vein removal cost or how much is laser ablation? Is laser ablation safe? Is laser ablation painful? as well as laser ablation before and after pictures.

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