Effects of Kava Essential Oil

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Kava Kava is long known to be a medicine to the world. It is one of the rare products existing in the world that has endured the wrath of a couple of hundred years and is still adored in much the same way. Kava kava is an extract from the ground roots of the kava plant, also known as Piper methysticum or the intoxicating pepper.

Kava was long grown in the South Pacific islands, Polynesia and Micronesia. Kava is a popular ceremonial substance for the islanders. These people are well known to be famous as the happiest and healthiest people in existence. Many connect Kava with their healthy bodies and happy minds. 

Effects of Kava Kava

Kava Kava is preferred as a social drink in the South Pacific and not used typically as we use alcohol. It can be taken as a drink or as a supplement.

According to the traditional methods of preparing Kava, the Kava Root Extract of the plant are crushed, ground, powdered, and finally soaked in water. This is generally drunk as tea. The tea is consumed socially, as well as in ceremonies, as a part of the traditional rituals.

After you drink Kava Kava, you might experience a range of things. You might feel your muscles are relaxing down, you might feel calm and complacent or might be really drowsy and fall day asleep. 

Kava is made out of numerous pharmacological active elements known as kavalactones. It falls under the category of depressants, like marijuana and is in fact, a nervous system depressant. Though kava does not have alcohol as its constituents, after you drink it you might feel dunk. This shall also accompany with difficulties in walking, difficulties in maintaining balance and slurred speech.

The effects of Kava Kava widely differ with the location of its growth, growing conditions, type of soil and the amount of sunlight available. The potency or the strength of the medicine also differ this way.

Benefits in Brief

Kava kava has multiple benefits when the right amount of it is consumed in a proper way. Some of the many benefits of Kava Kava are:

  • Kava Kava is known to reduce any symptoms of anxiety and stress, calming down your body and mind soon after you drink it.
  • It helps to protect the neurons of our body from any kind of damages.
  • It helps to alleviate any form of physical/bodily pain if you are experiencing them.
  • Kava is also known to lessen the risk of cancer.
  • It fosters sleep. Thus, if you are an insomniac, sleep-deprived or need to sleep quietly for a night, then you can consume kava and you will fall asleep immediately. So, you can treat Kava Kava as a healthy alternative to other synthetic drugs and sedatives available in the market.

Side Effects of Consuming Kava Kava

While Kava is revered to be possessing magical effects to the needy ones, some people are also of the opinion that it is laced with numerous side effects. Kava was reported to be responsible for liver toxicity. This led to Kava being banned in France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada but the ban was later lifted because of scanty resources that justified the actual link between consuming kava and liver damage. However, most of the side effects of Kava Kava can be traced due to a malicious practice of adulteration, where the leaves and stem of the plant are also used along with the roots to satisfy the increasing demands. It is the stem and the leaves of the plant that is responsible for liver damage in most cases.