Digital Marketing Trends you can no longer ignore this 2019

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Digital marketing is the most empowering tool to upscale ROI in no time, most affordably. Several digital marketing agencies in Melbourne, India, USA and several other locations are coming up; the demand is high. Thankfully, the supply is increasing too! One of the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne in fact, the globe has come up with the digital marketing trends this 2019 which you just cannot ignore. Let’s check them out:

1.Usage of AI or Artifical Intelligence

2019 is all about AI, to be honest. It’s become the technological buzzword and many digital marketing agencies are trying to get the hang of it. Analysis of customer behaviour via purchase history, social media tracking and so on are areas where AI truly can and has been helping!

Several digital marketers have called AI a gold mine with its scope and current situation. 

2.Augmented Reality usage for Innovation

Also known as AR, this amazing technology is capable of giving customers the room to test their product(s) before placing the big order! The Upcoming Playstation can be a good example for AR. 

Several digital marketing agencies in Australia, in fact, have good knowledge about AR and believe that it’s going to bring in ease while promoting brands. It’s the technological shift we all have been looking for! 3D content marketing, advertising and related aspects are going to boom; all thanks to Augmented Reality.

3.Influencer Marketing – Proactive Usage Needed

Influencer marketing, as most must be knowing, is about a celebrity promoting your product/ service. 2019 is the year of influencer marketing and digital marketers need to tie up with influencers, based on the location and start marketing already! In the simplest of terms, influencer marketing is very human and helps form some great testimonials for customers. Hashtag all the way!

4.Chatbots need to be incorporated

This has been a trend for years now; however, it’s become more of a compulsion this year for best results. Chatbots are now capable to help businesses to save millions of dollars per annum. It added value to apps, resources, social media queries and so on. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is; chatbots are just going to make users and your lives easier and happier.

Note: Having voice-enabled chatbot is going to add immensely to your transition strategy.

5. Live video streaming; most effective marketing strategy

Videos are known to be one of the best customer engagement strategies before, during and after they become your client. Live streaming, in fact, if created with an objective to be heartwarming, fun, quirky and apt is definitely going to fetch you the results you need. You obviously know where to upload it!

6. SEO & PPC – Right Blend needed

SEO is a very process-based digital marketing strategy. It’s evergreen! Even today, it is a digital marketing trend we all need to follow for optimum results. PPC needs some investment in order to ensure smooth work; but I assure you, once you hire the right PPC specialist or digital marketing agency, you’ll be all set! 

Remember, SEO and PPC go hand-in-hand. You need an SEO Expert in Melbourne to help you out and ensure that your website is neat, tidy and most importantly, visible! 


I’d definitely recommend a smart digital marketing agency. Maybe, a digital marketing agency in Melbourne because of its multiple benefits! Remember, be honest to your website and marketing strategies and you’ll obtain the results you wanted, maybe more!