Different Services Imparted by the Employment Lawyer in Toronto

There are many situations when an employee has to hire an employment lawyer in Toronto. 
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There are many situations when an employee has to hire an employment lawyer in Toronto. Some of these situations are unfair dismissal of employees, sexual harassment at workplace, compliance, explanation of rights and more. Here are a few ways through which these lawyers can help their clients. 

Explaining Employees their rights

An employment lawyer can also be hired to help employees gain awareness of their rights. They are told about the Employment Laws that apply to various cases and what all options are available to the client for its redressal. These options include mediation, litigation, and other actions. 


The employment lawyers also need to help employers and employees comply with the laws and regulations of the land. The employers also need to comply with state and federal anti-discrimination laws like informing management and employers about not discriminating based on color, race, age, sex, religion, disability, and national origin. They also help employers help comply with OSHA guidelines. 

Complaint Filing

In case of any employment-related issue coming to light, it is necessary to file a complaint with a suitable government agency before a suitable course of action can be sought by the employee. The appropriate agency gives a set timeline within which employees need to file a complaint along with supporting documents and evidence related to the claim. 


If planning to file a lawsuit for your employment-related matter, an employment lawyer represents the employees and help them get a suitable resolution to issues like wrongful termination, discrimination, wage, and hour claims, and denied benefits. They go through the case and suggests a suitable course of action in the court. Employers also can file a claim against employees in matters like confidentiality or non-compete agreements. 

Hiring an experienced and seasoned lawyer means getting the right advice at the right time which helps in quick resolution of the problem.