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Our digital flatbed printers can print designs on all kinds of materials, such as wood, glass, crystal, ABS, acrylic, metal, stone, leather, Therefore, according to the use, glass, billboard, PVC, metal, leather, Acrylic, wood, ceramic tile etc.The printer can directly connect with the computer. We can directly print designs on objects as long as we have digital designs. The printer can do well at one time no matter how complicated the design is . The printed design on the object is waterproof and fastness. It also prevents ultraviolet radiation and is able to endure rubbing.DG   PRINTS FAB is one of the leading FABRIC PRINT BUREAU   OFFERING PROFESSIONALLY DIGITALLY PRINTED FABRICS. We are wellestablished at NEW DELHI – INDIA for last 11 years. We are recognized as   a specialized printer who offers a full bespoke design service within   the fashion textiles and interior industry.Usingthe modern technology machinery and our experience  ensure that we   deliver the best possible quality printed product for all our customers.Today, our consistent quality, flexible working hours, affordable rates & customer oriented business approach makes us one of the leading service providers in our industry sector. Further, our well developed process expertise in the field of DG PRINTS FAB printing services also allow us to achieve high success in delivering print finish to fabrics as desired by the customers.  For more information please visit website-www.dgprintsfab.in/  and Contact us-+91 – 11 – 2630 33 77