CTS: AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist

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Certified Technology Specialist
An authorized Technology Specialist (CTS) performs general technology  solution tasks by:
? Creating, operating, and servicing AV solutions
?  Conducting AV management activities that offer to find the best audiovisual  resolutions in the client's needs, both by the due date and within budget.
About to catch necessary to take any courses before you take quality.  Actually, when you have a lot of AV experience, you might be prepared to take  the exam now.
Steps to organize and Apply
? Read the CTS Candidate  Handbook. It offers valuable details about the testing process and includes a  copy with the exam application.
? Use the Exam Content Outline, Job Task  Analysis and CTS Sample Inquiries to determine any gaps involving the knowledge  and skills and people needed to pass quality .
? Submit your CTS Exam  Application and fee. You'll be able to apply online or download and submit a PDF  application via fax, mail or email.
? Once the application continues to be  approved, you'll schedule your exam appointment directly with a Pearson VUE  testing center close to you.
Celebrate Your Certification
At InfoComm  shows, we’re unveiling new, interactive approaches to celebrate our CTS holders  and recognize their global reach. Even if you won’t be attending a motion  picture, you'll probably still take part in this CTS celebration.

? Read: CTS Study Guide for AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist  Certification:-? https://cts-preparation-guide.tumblr.com/
CTS  Resources
The subsequent materials are supplied to help those understand all  certification program requirements and to direct them to resources that could be  beneficial in get yourself ready for each certification examination.
? CTS  Candidate Handbook (Includes Application)
? CTS Exam Content Outline
?  CTS Job Task Analysis
? CTS Sample Questions
? CTS Exam Application
? CTS Exam Application (Online Version for North America/Central and South  America)
? CTS Exam Application (Online Version for Europe, Asia, Africa,  Australia)
? CTS Exam Retest Application
? CTS Reinstatement Application
? CTS Code of Ethics and Conduct Agreement Form
? Scaled Scoring FAQ
? CTS Exam Get Special Accommodation Form
? CTS Exam Documentation of  Disability Needs Form
? Duplicate Certificate Order Form
? Certification  Renewal Handbook
? CTS Renewal Application
? Expedited Certificate Form
? CTS Marketing strategy Kit
Find a Testing Center
Locate a Pearson  VUE Testing Center in your area .
Certification isn't a guarantee for  performance by certified individuals. Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®)  holders at all numbers of certification have demonstrated audiovisual knowledge  and/or skills. Certified individuals adhere to the CTS Code of Ethics and  Conduct and maintain their status through continued education. Certification  demonstrates resolve for professional growth in the audiovisual industry which  is strongly based on AVIXA.
All eligibility, application, score reports,  special accommodation requests and general inquiries regarding AVIXA  certification will likely be handled with the AVIXA Certification Office, with  headquarters located in Fairfax, Va., U.S.A. Purchases to train, membership, or  other AVIXA services aren't required to seek certification.
For more info  about AVIXA Certification net page: click.