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Cleatech LLC designs standard and Custom-made laboratory solutions and clean room equipment such as desiccators and dry boxes, glove boxes, laminar flow hoods and te
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Are you interesting in buying the high-performance portable glove boxes? if yes then, you can buy the glove boxes at very low cost at the online store gloves will help you in many ways and most importantly it will protect you from harmful effects on chemical and many other substances,

Glove boxes are very useful and protect you from all the defects. Glove boxes are mostly utilized to maintain the balance of the sluggish gas environment during performing other functions.

The glove boxes also assist the lab users to do work with efficient and materials during an experiment where they are required to touch the sample physically which in return can hurt you if you won't wear gloves. It helps you to balance the accuracy during the experiment in the laboratory. It is the famous laboratory equipment which gives you not only helps but also gives you security.

The users put these gloves before begins their working inside the boxes and after wearing these gloves you can simply maintain these hazardous chemicals and materials. Glove boxes are accessed in the qualities of many materials.

Before getting anything you should check the types of materials then select the one according to your requirements or applications. You must get the correct glove box for your laboratory so that you can easily comfortable with or else you may have to face so many problems.

Inert glove boxes are a variety of controlled environment glove boxes. They also described inert environment glove box, nitrogen glove box, dry box, low oxygen and/or humidity glove box plus anaerobic box.

The central role of the glove box is that it is removed and replaced with a cleaned gas. The most typical inert gases are nitrogen plus argon.


• The atmosphere of glove boxes is the use of dry nitrogen or argon which lessens the oxygen concentration within the machine decreases any oxidation effects.

• These gases are commonly used to high their natural load and decrease relative cost. They are used generally to secure unwanted chemical reactions such as oxidation and hydrolysis which can damage the sample.

• glove boxes are kept protected at an extended pressure than the encircling air so that preventing the room, as well as even contamination, get within the glove box.

• Gases are typically absorbing plus do not keep moisture by inflowing the gas within the chamber with humid air is purged out of the chamber.


  • Automatic RB (Relief-Bleed) Valve 

These gloves nonstop bleed gas to relieve pressure and release moisture-laden air and it is available in several sizes, materials for process compatibility.

  • Side Access Doors for Plastic Glove Boxes 

It’s amazing features is that it is Dual-side access doors features with stainless steel reinforcement frames that rises it's structural harden and develops Its accommodate standard airlocks to permits contamination-free parts transaction.

  • Sleeve and Glove Assemblies 

Sleeve/glove combinations that are now getting in many materials permit fast, affordable glove replacement without erasing sleeves from the glove box port.

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