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At Sabka Dentist dental clinic in Pune, our dentists are committed to offering you state-of-the-art dental treatment services at an affordable price.

Our dental hospital in Pune has advanced and high tech equipments like RVG, Lasers,Oral Scanners. CAD (Computer Assisted Design) and CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) technology. We also digitally store our patient’s details and dental history in our database, so that it is useful for future dental treatments in Pune and follow-ups. Thus, your chase for the best dental clinic in Pune stops at Sabka Dentist.

The procedure of teeth cleaning at Sabka dentist:
Knowing exactly what is going to happen during the process can relieve the patient, leaving them with a sparkling smile.

Examine: Dentist uses a small mirror to check around your teeth and gums to make sure there are not any inflamed gums or any tooth decay which needs to be taken care of or any other major problem is there before they start the teeth cleaning.
Removing plaque: Dentist uses a scaler to remove the plaque around your gum line and the surface of the teeth. Sound of scraping is there during this step which is normal. Brushing and flossing can avoid the building of plaque but once it’s built, the only solution is teeth cleaning.
Cleaning: After the plaque is removed the dentist will clean teeth with an electronic brush which makes grinding sound and it’s a great way to clean your teeth
Flossing: Floss remove any leftovers toothpaste or plaque from the earlier cleaning process.
Rinse: Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that contains liquid fluoride.

Dental Bridges also known as the fixed prosthesis is used for replacing one or more teeth. Once fixed, the dental bridges cannot be removed easily. For fixing it in a proper position, dental bridges take the support of the artificial teeth and the adjacent teeth. When there is missing teeth, dental bridges help in chewing the food more easily.

Dental crowns are not just for adults but are also given to children in the following cases:

To protect teeth that are highly susceptible to tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene
To save a tooth that has been severely damaged due to decay
In children who require multiple and frequent dental treatments but cannot be administered frequent general anesthesia