Benefits of diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

The following benefits of diatomaceous earth bed bugs spray.

The Aerosol Diatomaceous Earth bed bugs powder is very easy to apply to cracks and crevices as well as carpets, mattresses, and storage cupboards as a general coating. 

Holding the can about 2 metres away from the surface spray in a slow moving arc stopping at the end. 

aerosol spray can

Spot spraying in cracks and crevices for a short 1 second burst will deposit a small amount in the area required. Applied correctly Ithere should be virtually no marks or visible residue.

it can be used on soft furnishings, leaves no mess and is safe for animals and humans as it is food grade standard having less than 0.1% crystalline content. Coverage – approx 200sqm per can depending on application rate. 

One can is generally enough for a flat or small house. Sometimes 2 or 3 applications will be required as it is a mechanical/dehydrating action rather than a chemical one.

Cautions Food grade DE is safe for humans and animals however it is preferable to avoid inhaling dust so the use of a face mask and safety goggles is recommended while spraying in enclosed spaces. for more info or product visit

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