Appdupe’s multi-service app solution “Gojek clone” is making huge impact on On-demand industry

Gojek clone is a multi service on-demand app solution offered by leading app development company - Appdupe. It is one of the prominent solutions to create super app.
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The organization  announced that it was very happy with the massive influence it has had on the on-demand market recently. AppDupe provides mobile apps, web apps, clone scripts, and web hosting services and has a long list of satisfied clients. 

One of the spokespersons stated that, GoJek Clone, one of its mainstream products was a huge success in the market this year. It is an app that consists of multiple on-demand services like ride-hailing, food delivery and booking service professionals. Each of the services has a separate module in the app and there is option for toggling between services. The main agenda behind launching this app was to help the entrepreneurs and organization manage their multiple on-demand services easily. 

There are several aspects as to why the app became a hit in the market. A few of them include: separate panels based on role, highly responsive UI, accessibility, live tracking, detailed bill summary, favorite servicemen list, search filters, social media account integration, booking records, secure payment gateways, and more. These elements made the app user-friendly.

The GoJek Clone Script was employed in the app to provide these amazing features to the users. The code used is fully licensed and it can be modified based on the business needs. Many entrepreneurs or organizations are choosing the GoJek Clone app over the apps built from scratch due to the time, resources, and cost parameters. 

The apps built from the initial stage will take up a lot of time when compared to the clone apps. More number of developers have to work on the app and the cost of developing an app from scratch will be high. So, most of the organizations developed and launched a clone app for their service. 

They also added that the entrepreneurs can gain more customers using this app. It has an attractive UI and navigating through the app will be easy. AppDupe has trained experts who will analyze the present scenario of the on-demand market before developing your clone app. Based on the statistics they obtain, the features of the app can be decided. 

Additionally, the spokesperson said that, the main aim of AppDupe is to provide user-friendly apps that will help the customers place a request easily, be a fixed source of income for the servicemen,  and generate higher revenue for business owners.

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