10 Mobile Commerce Trends that will dominate 2020

As the tech is gaining prominence globally with each passing day, the devices are becoming an inevitable part of our modern lives.
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Original Source: https://www.allthepost.com/10-mobile-commerce-trends-that-will-dominate-2020/

As the tech is gaining prominence globally with each passing day, the devices are becoming an inevitable part of our modern lives. Earlier it was the computers and now smartphones are becoming people’s best friends, as gadgets are turning portable with time. While it took people to go to their desks and use the web for different purposes, smartphones and tablets have let them use the web on the go, around the clock.

The steady growing population of smartphone users worldwide, which is projected to become 3.8 billion by 2021, is one of the key indicators of the growth in the target audience of Mobile Commerce.

Source: Statista

This is one of the primary reasons why the Mobile Commerce sector of ECommerce is gaining prominence in the last few years. Almost all the ECommerce platforms whether Amazon, Flipkart, or others have entered the Mobile Commerce market with their mobile applications, enabling their users to order online through their smartphones.

By providing the power of mobility to their customers ECommerce giants have given birth to a rather more convenient way of online shopping in the form of Mobile Commerce. This industry has not only garnered a huge following among the shoppers but also holds great potential to transform the online commerce and retail industry in the coming years. To understand this, let us have a look at the 10 Mobile Commerce Trends that will dominate 2020:

  1. Cross platform app development

People aren’t restricted to using a single platform in today’s time when they have a long list of options to choose between devices and browsers. They use different platforms as per their convenience and expect a consistent user experience across these platforms. That is why Cross Platform app development has become the need of the hour and should be considered by the businesses while developing their respective apps.

Using app development frameworks like Flutter and React Native, one can build high performing cross platform applications.

  1. Secure payment is important

While using online shopping platforms, payment remains one of the biggest concerns for the customers. In today’s time where the number of security breaches and online thefts is on a higher side, customers seek payment options that are secure. 

Thus, it is important to use a secure payment gateway for the MCommerce application and connect it with different payment methods for giving several payment options to the customers. Technology like Blockchain plays a significant role in building secure payment gateways so that the payment transaction logs are well maintained with integrity and security.

  1. Personalization is the key

With a wide range of options available online, users’ have raised the bar of their expectations, seeking a high-end user experience. Leveraging one of the best ways to offer a great experience to the customers, businesses have put Artificial Intelligence to task with an aim to deliver a personalized experience. 

Using the customer’s browsing data and applying Artificial Intelligence algorithms, MCommerce applications offer custom recommendations to the users. This not only enhances the user experience but also improves the sales, as the users tend to make more orders given the products of their choice appear on the dashboard.

  1. Update the users of offers

MCommerce portals can allow its users to subscribe to their newsletter and get all the latest updates on the offers, discounts, and sales. This improves the overall user engagement with the MCommerce portal and reminds the users of the offers that they might miss upon.

Sending regular reminders, connecting it with the calendar, gives a boost in terms of sales as more people will be able to place orders in the designated offer period.

  1. Quick loading of the catalog

Performance speed is a major hit or miss factor for any application. It is the overall speed of the application, i.e. the time taken to load the content, which affects the user engagement. A faster MCommerce Application would mean a better customer experience and higher sales.

Having an expert team of developers and a diligent choice of the tech stack makes your mobile commerce application high performing offering more features at a better speed.

  1. Connect via Social Media Platforms

As the number of active social media network users is rising steadily worldwide, with 447.9 million social network users in India projected for 2023, the prominence of social media platforms remains inevitable.

Source: Statista

This is one of the main reasons why businesses have started using social media platforms to reach out to their potential target audience and promote their products and services. With social media influencers, social media campaigns, ad placements, etc. MCommerce apps can leverage the power of social media platforms for better reach and connectivity.

  1. Build a strong support system

Customers seek online support to ensure they have not stuck anywhere. A strong support system can help the customers take help from the team whenever they face any technical or non-technical errors.  

This can be done using chatbots, emailers and an on-call system, which lets the users connect with the support executives in different ways.

  1. Ensure a better reach with a multilingual platform

In a world of different languages, building an MCommerce platform that is multilingual, opens up new avenues of connections with customers. It lets the customers connect better, with no linguistic barriers, making them more comfortable in using the mobile commerce application.

With the use of technologies like Natural Language Processing, one can build an application that lets the user choose their language in which they would like to operate the application. This approach proves to be a great move especially in the areas where English remains the second language for the people.

  1. Data privacy is crucial

One of the main concerns raised by the users while opting for MCommerce is data privacy. In today’s time, when data breach can be seen almost everywhere, it is important that the MCommerce platforms offer high-end data privacy and assure the same to their customers.

This will help them improve credibility in the eyes of their customers and lay the foundation of a strong customer relationship.

  1. Use Artificial Intelligence to offers best price 

Off late, one of the main reasons behind the success of online retail platforms is the discounts and prices they offer. Customers love saving money, even if it is just a few bucks. Buying things online helps them save a lot better than conventional retail stores. 

Using AI algorithms, MCommerce platforms can fetch the different prices offered by various platforms for a product and can use the same to set the prices of their products, to attract a larger audience base with better price offers and discounts.

The way ahead

Given these 10 Mobile Commerce trends that will dominate in the year 2020, it is essential that the businesses leverage these to the maximum potential to ensure optimum benefits for their MCommerce business. 

What remains an important aspect is to build a strong technical team and partner with technically sound experts to build an MCommerce platform, which is well rounded in nature. This will help in offering a great user experience to the customers leading towards the growth of the business. For more details Call at +1 206 295 9310 visit the site: https://mobcoder.com/contact